Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well, hello there

It's been a damn long time since I posted anything new, but here I am, back in full attack, with a picture of the jacket of my new book (to aid easy identification, should you stray into the crafts section of a bookshop or website anytime soon...)

The book is a helpful guide to exploiting the obscure functions contained in most sewing machines that we (and I mean me, here) never get around to using.


  1. Discovered your book at my library recently...NEAT IDEAS. I love to see young folks loving the things I grew up with-similar in USA anyways!

  2. Hi Marion,
    Only twoyears later your book has been translated in Dutch. And what a lovely book it is!
    I bought it for the birthday of my mum this weekend! Yes i did finisch it in no time!
    Cheers Barbara

  3. Hi Barbara

    Many thanks for your kind comments, and really pleased you like the book. Hope your mum did too.
    Its just been translated into Finnish as well, I have both Dutch and Finnish versions here, sewing machine is ompelukoneesta in Finnish!

    Marion x


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A paper teacup from my new book

A paper teacup from my new book
A paper tea cup for Mother's day. Even the sugar lump is paper!

Paper cupcakes from my new book

Paper baby shoes from my new book

Paper baby shoes from my new book
a pair of teeny tiny paper shoes to celebrate the birth of a new baby.